Oscillating Conveyor Technology

Free Oscillating Systems

Free oscillating systems include screening machines, vibrating feeders and shaking conveyors which require reliable, high-performance suspension components.

ROSTA offers a wide range of oscillating mounts for these types of machinery.


ROSTA's range of oscillating mountings provide dependably reliable performance and durability with zero-maintenance to provide best-in-class levels of isolation and efficiency for all free oscillating vibrating systems, from onion sorting shakers to dewatering screens.

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Type AB

ROSTA AB oscillating mountings set THE STANDARD in high performance suspension systems with dependable durability for freely oscillating vibrating equipment. Suitable for a wide variety of machine designs and specification. All AB oscillating mountings are also available in stainless steel (AISI 304) and interchangeable with the blue AB oscillating mountings.


ROSTA AB50 TWIN and 50-2 TWIN offer very high loading capacities as a result of the special twin construction.

Type AB-D

The AB-D offers a much higher loading capacity than the AB for the same compact design.

Type AB-HD

The oscillating mounting type AB-HD is the "Heavy Duty" version in the AB mount family of the ROSTA screen suspensions.

Type AB-LF

The ROSTA AB-LF series features oscillating mountings with a patented design, achieving a low inherent frequency of 2 Hz, suitable for applications requiring efficient vibration isolation.

Type ABI

ROSTA oscillating mountings type AB are maintenance-free elastic rockers for the support or suspension of freely oscillating vibrating equipment with a wide variety of designs and drive systems.


The oscillating mounting type ABI-HD is the "Heavy Duty" version in the AB mount family of the ROSTA screen suspensions.

Type AK

The ROSTA universal joints type AK are maintenance-free elastic joints which can be moved in any direction.

Type AV

The ROSTA oscillating mountings type AV are maintenance-free elastic joints designed for guiding circular motions of hanging screens such as gyratory sifters and screens in flour mills, chemical processing plants and paper mills.

Type HS

The ROSTA Type HS oscillating mounts have created a good name for themselves.

Type HSI

The ROSTA Type HSI oscillating mounts have created a good name for themselves.

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Core Technology

The ROSTA Element, an elastomer powered torsional spring, is central to our range of specialized machine components designed to provide a combination of useful functions. ROSTA components offer dependable performance across a broad spectrum of industrial applications.

green dot

Durable outer housing.

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Precision crafted inner section
featuring multiple connection options.

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Specialized, high-performance elastomer compound cords.


Select ROSTA elements are capable of being refurbished by replacing either the rubber cords, the inner mounting or the outer housing. Not only is this efficient, but its great for the environment as well.

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