Vibration control

Machine Borne Vibration

Limit the transmission of vibration and noise from industrial machinery to surrounding environment and structures with high efficiency anti-vibration solutions from ROSTA.

Maschinengetragene Schwingungen
Maschinengetragene Schwingungen

ROSTA offers suspension systems with the highest levels of isolation and efficiency for all free oscillating vibrating systems, from onion sorting shakers to dewatering screens in mines.

Product information

Download our product catalogue for technical product information, an in-depth technology overview and more, or get in touch with our sales department to have a consultation on how ROSTA can help you.


Total supported Load [Min. 70N]


Excitation Frequency [Max. *100 Hz]


Number of ROSTA Mountings

OptionROSTA Element TypeROSTA Element SizeNatural FrequencyVibration Isolation
-Type NEOutside load range
MinVV 3814 Hz to 12 Hz98 % to 99%
MaxType VV 4515 Hz to 12 Hz98 % to 99%
MinN/NOXN 80 M1225 Hz to 22 Hz93 % to 95%
MaxN Nox
OptionROSTA Element TypeROSTA Element SizeStatic Height: UnloadedCompressionStatic Height: LoadedRemaining CompressionNatural FrequencyApprox. Vibration Isolation
MinESLESL 45143 mm61 % 20 mm 123 mm13 mm4.1 Hz99.8 %
Maxproduct eslESL 50170 mm7 % 2 mm 168 mm30 mm4.9 Hz99.8 %
MinAWIAWI 45177 mm89 % 29 mm 148 mm3 mm3.0 Hz99.9 %
Maxproduct awiAWI 50194 mm9 % 3 mm 191 mm32 mm4.7 Hz99.8 %
OptionROSTA Element TypeROSTA Element SizeStatic Height: UnloadedCompressionStatic Height: LoadedRemaining CompressionNatural FrequencyApprox. Vibration Isolation
MinAB/ABIAB/ABI 50380 mm57 % 59 mm 321 mm44 mm2.2 Hz99.95 %
Maxproduct ab-abiAB/ABI 50-2380 mm5 % 5 mm 375 mm98 mm2.4 Hz99.94 %
MinAB/DAB-D 45298 mm50 % 29 mm 269 mm29 mm3.4 Hz99.88 %
Maxproduct ab-dAB-D 50329 mm10 % 6 mm 323 mm51 mm3.6 Hz99.87 %
MinAB/ABI-HDAB/ABI-HD 50376 mm20 % 13 mm 363 mm50 mm3.0 Hz99.91 %
Maxproduct ab-abi-hd
MinAB TWINOutside load range
Maxproduct ab twin
MinHS/HSIHS/HSI 50288 mm20 % 14 mm 274 mm55 mm3.1 Hz99.90 %
Maxproduct hsi-hd
Selection tool recommendations are general in nature and may not be suitable for specific applications and installations. Consider the comprehensive product data and guidelines provided in the ROSTA catalogue and other resources. For further assistance, contact your local ROSTA representative

ROSTA ANTI-VIBRATION MOUNTING SELECTOR provides indicative selection of anti-vibration mountings:

  1. Vibration isolation: Estimation only, not inclusive of damping effect. Please contact ROSTA for specific data or damping coefficient.
  2. Not inclusive of cold flow effect (rubber settling).
  3. The load is assumed to be distributed equally.
  4. Feasibility of sub-critial applications can be consulted with ROSTA.
  5. Vibration amplitude and remaining compression to be accounted for to assure efficient mounting performance.
  6. ROSTA mountings can have dissimilar capacities in X, Y, Z directions.
  7. *High-amplitude, high-frequency vibrations may overheat the ROSTA element. For frequencies higher than 50 Hz, the amplitude cannot exceed compression equivalent to 0.5° rotation angle of ROSTA element.
  8. More anti-vibration mounts are available.

Please contact ROSTA for details.

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Core technology

The ROSTA Element, an elastomer powered torsional spring, is central to our range of specialized machine components designed to provide a combination of useful functions. ROSTA components offer dependable performance across a broad spectrum of industrial applications

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Durable outer housing.

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Precision crafted inner section
featuring multiple connection options.

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Specialized, high-performance elastomer compound cords.


Select ROSTA elements are capable of being refurbished by replacing either the rubber cords, the inner mounting or the outer housing. Not only is this efficient, but its great for the environment as well.

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Elastic suspension for all types of screening machines and shaking conveyors. ROSTA offers the widest range of oscillating mounts. From standard mounts to heavy duty. Also available in stainless steel.

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