Food and beverage processing

From production to packaging, the global food and beverage processing sector is expansive and fundamental to our daily lives. A huge variety of equipment ensures that food offerings are appropriately selected, handled, processed, and packaged in a safe and hygienic manner.


ROSTA's product technology for controlled oscillation motion enables efficlent and highly reliable sorting selection, conveying and sifting machines for a range of food offerings. Rotating equipment often features belt or chain drive systems where ROSTA's tensioning solutions ensure reliability. Explore our range of industry solutions!


Elastic suspension for all types of screening machines and shaking conveyors. ROSTA offers the widest range of oscillating mounts. From standard mounts to heavy duty. Also available in stainless steel.

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For 80 years, starting with the need of suspension for truck trailers, the use the ROSTA rubber spring elements have reached many industries and yet every day we find new solutions where our customers ....

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