CAD drawings

CAD drawings are the most essential part when is come to design, to engineer a new product. All our elements are available for download to make your project a success. Import our ROSTA 3D CAD elements directly in your CAD application.

There is a limit of maximal 10 drawings you can download at once. Should you require more, we ask you to get in touch with us.

Conveying & Sifting

Guided Oscillating Motion

Type AD-C
Type AD-P
Type AD-PV
Type AR
Type AS-C
Type AS-P
Type AS-PV
Type ST
Type STI
Type AK
Type AV
Type AU
Type AUI

Free Oscillating Motion

Type AB
Type AB-D
Type AB-HD
Type ABI
Type AK
Type AV
Type HS
Type HSI
Type AB-LF


Belt Drive Tensioning

Type MB 100
Type MB 27
Type MB 38
Type MB 50
Type MB 70
Type MB 75
Type SE
Type SE-B
Type SE-F
Type SE-FE
Type SE-G
Type SE-I
Type SE-R
Type SE-W
Type MB 55

Chain Drive Tensioning

Type SE
Type SE-B
Type SE-F
Type SE-FE
Type SE-G
Type SE-I
Type SE-R
Type SE-W

Vibration Control

Machine Borne Vibration

Type ESL
Type N
Type NOX
Type V

Structure Borne Vibration

Type ABI
Type ESL

Damping, Pressing & Guiding


Type DK-A
Type DK-S
Type DO-A
Type DR-A
Type DR-C
Type DR-S
Type DW-A 15-38
Type DW-A 45-50
Type DW-A 60-100
Type DW-C 15-38
Type DW-C 45-50
Type DW-S 15-38
Type DW-S 45-50


Type BK
Type BR
Type Chain Rider P
Type Chain Rider Type Set-P
Type Roller R
Type Roller RL
Type Wheel N
Type Wheel set - type N
Type WS

Impact Energy Absorption

Type AWI
Type ESL

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